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Functionnal programming in C++ : how to improve your C++ programs using functional techniques / Ivan, Čukić .- Shelter Island : Manning Publications, 2018 .- , 1 vol. (XXI-296 p.) ; 24 cm
ISBN : 9781617293818

Well-written code is easier to test and reuse, simpler to parallelize, and less error prone. Mastering the functional style of programming can help you tackle the demands of modern apps and will lead to simpler expression of complex program logic, graceful error handling, and elegant concurrency. C++ supports FP with templates, lambdas, and other core language features, along with many parts of the STL.
Functional Programming in C++ helps you unleash the functional side of your brain, as you gain a powerful new perspective on C++ coding. You’ll discover dozens of examples, diagrams, and illustrations that break down the functional concepts you can apply in C++, including lazy evaluation, function objects and invokables, algebraic data types, and more. As you read, you’ll match FP techniques with practical scenarios where they offer the most benefit.

Auteur(s) : Čukić, Ivan /

Sujet(s) :
C plus-plus (langage de programmation)

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