Six Degrees : the science of a connected age (Record no. 15383)

010 ## - ISBN
ISBN 9780393325423
200 ## - titre
titre Six Degrees : the science of a connected age
Type document Livre
auteur Duncan, J. Watts
210 ## - éditeur
lieu de publication New York
nom de l'editeur WW Norton & Co
date de publication 2004
101 ## - langue
langue du document Anglais
langue de l'oeuvre originale Anglais
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Nombre de pages 374 pages
606 ## - sujets
sujet Analyse de réseau (planification)
606 ## - sujets
sujet Graphes, Théorie des
606 ## - sujets
sujet Réseaux sociaux
330 ## - résumé
texte de la note You may be only six degrees away from Kevin Bacon, but would he let you borrow his car? It depends on the structures within the network that links you. When the power goes out, when we find that a stranger knows someone we know, when dot-com stocks soar in price, networks are evident. In Six Degrees, sociologist Duncan Watts examines networks like these: what they are, how they're being studied, and what we can use them for. To illustrate the often complicated mathematics that describe such structures, Watts uses plenty of examples from life, without which this book would quickly move beyond a general science readership. Small chapters make each thought-provoking conclusion easy to swallow, though some are hard to digest. For instance, in a short bit on "coercive externalities," Watts sums up sociological research showing that:<br/><br/> "Conversations concerning politics displayed a consistent pattern .... On election day, the strongest predictor of electoral success was not which party an individual privately supported but which party he or she expected would win."<br/><br/>Six Degrees attempts to help readers understand the new and exciting field of networks and complexity. While considerably more demanding than a general book like The Tipping Point, it offers readers a snapshot of a riveting moment in science, when understanding things like disease epidemics and the stock market seems almost within our reach. --Therese Littleton
686 ## - Classification
Classification 004.01 Histoire et culture informatique
700 ## - auteur(s)
auteur Watts
partie du nom autre que l'élément d';entrée Duncan
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données générales de traitement 20120423 frey50
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ENS Rennes - Bibliothèque ENS Rennes - Bibliothèque Informatique 025304 004.01 WAT Empruntable 004.01 Histoire et culture informatique

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