Parallel and distributed computing handbook (Record no. 4612)

010 ## - ISBN
ISBN 0070730202
qualificatif rel.
200 1# - titre
titre Parallel and distributed computing handbook
auteur Albert Y., Zomaya
Type document Livre
210 ## - éditeur
lieu de publication New York
nom de l'editeur San Francisco
lieu de publication Washington (D. C.)
nom de l'editeur McGraw-Hill
date de publication 1996
101 ## - langue
langue du document Anglais
langue de l'oeuvre originale Anglais
215 ## - description
Nombre de pages XXX-1199 pages
format 25 cm
225 ## - collection
titre de la collection Computer engineering series
606 ## - sujets
sujet Traitement réparti
606 ## - sujets
sujet Programmation parallèle (informatique)
606 ## - sujets
sujet Programmation parallèle
606 ## - sujets
sujet Parallélisme (informatique)
330 ## - résumé
texte de la note From the field's top experts comes the most comprehensive reference of its kind ever published. Here is the comprehensive, authoritative reference on parallel and distributed systems that everyone who works with or follows this rapidly advancing technology has long needed. Featuring contributions from a stellar team of international experts - and reviewed by an equally elite group of editorial advisors - the Handbook is packed with the type of late-breaking, proprietary information you just can't find in any other single source. Each individual chapter provides an overview of central developments and future directions in a specific area - delivered by a recognized expert in that discipline, and supported by an abundance of illustrations and data tables. You'll find complete accounts of: theoretical foundations upon which the technology is being built, along with algorithms, models, and paradigms; cutting edge architectures and technologies; and the latest industrial and commercial applications across a range of fields, including numerous case histories and development tolls. A true compendium of the current knowledge about parallel and distributed systems - and an incisive, informed forecast of future developments - the Handbook is clearly the standard reference on the topic, and will doubtless remain so for years to come.
686 ## - Classification
Classification 005.10 Programmation : approches et principes
700 ## - auteur(s)
auteur Zomaya
partie du nom autre que l'élément d';entrée Albert Y.
koha internal code 10867
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Numéro d'identification notice FRBNF375102000000004
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données générales de traitement 20001005d1996 m y0frey5003 b
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ENS Rennes - Bibliothèque ENS Rennes - Bibliothèque Informatique 031546 005.10 ZOM Empruntable 005.10 Programmation : approches et principes

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